Family Network

Finding out that you, your child or a family member has type 1 diabetes can be so overwhelming. Once the initial shock passes, the intense education process begins.It’s a new way of living, and there is so much to learn; nutrition, highs, lows, monitors,insulin dosages…the list seems to go on forever. So may the fears and questions.

You receive so much information from your doctors, diabetes educators and dieticians, but then the time comes when you go home and “do it alone”.

But you are not alone!

You can become connected with the Network and meet other adults, teens and families at monthly network and annual family events, walking together at the Walk to Cure Diabetes, and taking part in other activities coordinated by members. The Network is about sharing, helping, listening and building new friendships with people who understand your fears, questions, and yes, even your tears. Members are not professionals, but concerned parents and individuals who have been where you are.

All individuals and families living with type 1 diabetes are welcome to be a part of the Family Network. The Network operates through the JDRF, but is driven and coordinated by volunteers. There is no cost to be connected to the Family Network.

For more information

Visit the Family Network website at OR contact Jennifer Pratt at the Chapter. She can be reached via e-mail at or by phone, 860.470.0020.