Newly Diagnosed

Have you or your child recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes?

Finding out that you or a loved one has been diagnosed can be an overwhelming time. It can feel isolating and the task daunting. Once the initial shock passes, the intense education begins.

JDRF would like to extend a helping hand with our free Bag of Hope. The Bag of Hope contains a variety of educational and comforting support materials -some geared to the child, and some geared to their caregivers. It will also provide opportunities for you to meet other individuals and families going through the similar challenges.

How Does This Program Work?
The Bag of Hope is completely free of charge and is only available through JDRF.

To request a Bag of Hope please e-mail Jennifer Pratt at Unfortunately, we are only able to offer the Bag of Hope to those who have been diagnosed within the past 3 months.You will be contacted by a JDRF staff member or a volunteer from our Outreach Committee to introduce you to JDRF and the wonderful support and resources we can provide.

If you are a school nurse, doctor, or caregiver, or have questions about the Bag of Hope, please contact Jennifer Pratt at or (860) 470-0020.