Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes

JDRF would like to thank our Kids Walk Music sponsor, Mr. Jason Atsales who generously donates his time to help our program rock to a cure. Please support those who support us by visiting his website at :

Schools across the country are signing up
and raising funds for the cure!



Parents, educators and students can rally the support of area schools through the Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes Program.
Your school can be part of the cure!
Children affected with diabetes attend our schools. Participating in the Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes Program is a great way to show them that we care and are helping to make a difference in their lives. The program is empowering and demonstrates that, even as children, students have an impact on others’ lives.
Get started by determining what kind of Kids Walk campaigns work best for your school – you can choose one or all of them – however you want to raise money for the cure!


For More Information about the Kids Walk to Cure Diabetes program, CLICK HERE!!

Interested in holding a school walk??? Contact Jennifer Pratt at (860) 321-2267 or via email at

Here’s how schools can raise big bucks for diabetes

Earn 10% Back - JDRF will give 10% of the money you raised back to your school for new athletic equipment, field trips, or anything else your school needs!

Conduct a School Mini-Walk – Students collect donations from friends, family and neighbors, qualify to win great prizes and walk to find the cure! Mini-Walks can be held during recess, after school or on the weekend. Classmates can walk around the school grounds, the school track or a local park.

Hold Mini-Fundraisers – Mobilize the students through different fundraising events. Hold a “Caps for the Cure,” hold a car wash, bake sale, collect quarters for the cure – the options are endless! Designate a week for diabetes and hold a different Mini-Fundraiser each day!

Sell Paper Sneakers – Sell the JDRF paper sneakers and display them in a prominent school location. Consider selling each color for a different price. Sneaker sales can last a week, two weeks or a month – whichever you prefer!

Form a School Walk Team – sign up as a team captain, we provide the posters, your school provides the kids!