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About JDRF Advocacy

JDRF has built a nationwide network of Advocates who are dedicated to finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. We are all working together to advance the search for a cure faster and more effectively.

TimeMagazine called JDRF “one of the nation’s most forceful disease advocacy groups.” When it comes to fighting type 1 diabetes, JDRF’s strength lies in our numbers and the ability of our Advocates to work together to build bonds–bonds with one another, as well as with our Members of Congress. These relationships strengthen our community, provide support for those who are living with type 1 diabetes, and deliver our message–the need for a cure–faster and more effectively.

JDRF Advocates help support a variety of issues that are critical to our search for a cure, such as:

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As a JDRF Advocate, your personal story takes on added impact when you join forces with thousands of other Advocates across the country. If you are not already registered as an Advocate, you canbecome one today. Just a few minutes of your time each year will make a difference in this crucial effort.

Once you’ve registered as an Advocate, you canhelp Spread the Wordand participate in other importantJDRF advocacy programs.

Joshua Fish and Representative Richard Neal

On October 5th, 9-year-old Joshua Fish and his mother Shelley Valentine met with Representative Richard Neal at his Springfield, MA office. This was Joshua’s third visit with Representative Neal as part of JDRF’s 2010 Promise to Remember Me Campaign.

Representative Neal continues to support increased funding for research toward the cure for diabetes. The Representative explained the current debate over healthcare reform. He sympathized with our concerns over the high cost of diabetes maintenance, the portability of insurance, as well as the denial of insurance based on “pre-existing illness” policies.

Congressman Christopher Murphy with Sedrick Trotman

Congressman Christopher Murphy with Aiden Falla

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Falla Family with Nancy Johnson

Sedrick Trotman, Sheri Amechi and Nancy Johnson

Douglas Schwan, Katie Rose, Sheri Amechi, Sedrick Trotman, Carl Zuckerburg, Haley Olson, Lynn Olson, Nicole Phaneuf, Amanda Abbey. Front: Lilly Horrigan, Natasha Knight

Pictured left to right: Michelle Gilman, Jesse Pringle, Krista Pringle, Ethan Falla, Greg Falla holding Aiden Falla, Nicole Phaneuf, Katie Rose, Tommy Rose, Sheri Amechi, Sedrick Trotman, Douglas Schwan Front: Spenser Pringle, Natasha Knight

Seated: L-R Alex Bedore, Joshua Fish Back Row: L-R Doug Schwan, Congressman Richard Neal, Shelley Valentine, Grace, Deb & Anthony Pisciotta and Amy Bedore.